1970 japanese prog psych masterpiece !!!

double LP reissue
2x 180g vinyl
digitally remastered
sealed !
O-Music 2011

Samurai is a seventies progressive rock band. Members of this band moved from Japan to England and they added several english musicians as well to create full line-up. They recorded 2 albums: «Samurai»(also known as «Green Tea»)(1970) and «Kappa»(1971). They played interesting mix of heavy prog a la Deep Purple with lots of Japanese folk infuences (like using traditional asian instruments) + late 60′ psychedelia.
Their leader was Miki Curtis (it’s Japanese guy, only name is british…) who seems to be quite popular pop singer in the 60′ in Japan and nowadays he’s an actor.

«The band played a varied kind of psychedelic progressive rock, occasionally a bit hard-rocking, with jazzy and exotic Asian touches. They’ve been compared by Vernon Joynson to Andwella’s Dream and early Traffic.»
— Chris


Miki Curtis (vocals, flute), Joe Dunnet (guitar), Hiro Izumi (guitar, koto), John Redfern (organ), Tetsu Yamauchi (bass), Mike Walker (vocals, piano), Yuji [Yujin] Harada (drums), Graham Smith (harmonica)

Original pressing LP is rare as hell, and has a price of 500 Euro !

PRECIO: 37 €

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